Best Laptops Under 400 Dollars:Top 5 Guide

Those laptops under 400 (500/600) dollars are almost endless on the market, making satisfaction to your purchasing become pretty challenging. This comparison report is focus on what top five of the best laptops under 400 dollars I found these days, one level down in the price range from my previous report of affordable laptops under 500 dollars. What you can get with no more than $400? In this report, you are going to learn about a lists of 15.6 inch laptops and 14-inch notebooks starting at around $300, which all cover most laptops needs.

I suggest you to read the article- Best affordable laptops buying guide, if you are not too similar with all of the technical jargon when you are looking at laptops.

Best Laptops Under 400 Dollars IN 2017

Now you can look into my top pick listed in the following Best rated laptops under $400 comparison chart.

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 Top 5 pick Listed in Laptops Under $400 Comparison Chart.

As shown in the above comparison Chart, the top 5 laptops for under 400 dollars change regularly but m

ore frequently than not offer good value for money.

Some factors when picking the top 5 of the good value laptops under 400

  1. what laptops you can get in the under $400 price range? I mainly consider about those reliable machine able to handle daily tasks, If you are looking for a gaming laptops, please check out this report.
  2. what to look for when choosing a laptops? Brand name, features, performances, Portability, screen, battery life, customer reviews and so on.
  3. what laptops deliver a few real punch for its selling price? I picked the top rated laptops with a big bang for buck, as shown in the above chart.

 Top Rated Laptops For Under 400 Dollars reviews

Best Rated Laptops Under 400:Asus F555LA-AB31 15.6 Inches Laptop

cheap laptop under 400 dollarsOf late, we have seen an increasing amount of computers costing little offer a full-featured Windows experience.This Asus F555LA-AB31 is one of them. To compete with other laptops for under 400 dollars, Asus will provide better performances, lower prices or both. I believe it’s the most valuable of  laptop under 400 dollars ,Featuring 2.1 GHz Core i3-5010U Processor,4 GB RAM,500 GB Hard Drive,this device can do most basic jobs of whatever you want from a laptop at a budget-friendly price.


  • Make life easier: The Asus F555 can redefine all your expectations in order to give you more relaxing life.
  • Advanced Technology: Asus F555 is equipped with an IceCool Technology to keep your laptop cool.
  • Modern and Timeless Design: It’s designed in a clean, modern appearance with a finish of concentric circles.
  • Others: Windows 10 preinstalled, a new browser, high-sensitivity camera, smoother video stream


  • Although the price is lower comparing with the other laptops in the same level, Asus F555 laptop is still at a high price.

What the Current Owners Say

Overall, I’m pleased with the purchase. The i3 in this system is not only capable of performing the most of tasks that most users require of it. This laptop should be fine for most of people who will always surf the internet. It’s not a bad choice for us to watch movies, read books and play games and so on.

Bottom Line

Asus laptops take advantages of unique IceCool technology to keep your laptop’s surrounding cool. And with pitch-perfect audio, you can enjoy the music, the movies wonderfully. This is a type of good-featured laptop under 400 dollars.

Newest Laptop Under 400:ASUS F556UA-AB32 15.6-inch Full-HD Laptop

This Asus F555LA-AB32 15.6-Inch laptop featuring Powerful 6th-generation Powerful Intel i3-6100U 2.3 GHz Processor,4 GB DDR4L SDRAM Ram and 1TB 5400 RPM HDD hard-drive are able to handle some extensive tasks easily. Compared to the old Dell laptop, this machine is more portable and thinner. What’s more, The Intel HD Graphics can deal with casual gaming. Additionally ,almost 7 hours of battery life is a big plus when considering about other competitors only run three hours on a charge. For price under 400 dollars, It is a good option exceeding your expectations.

Any other highlights?

  1. It features a full keyboard which is helpful to individuals who need to enter plenty of figures for their small business.
  2. it does not need any other necessary connectivity choices by featuring USB 3.0,Bluetooth and HDMI ports
  3. It is pretty good value for what you obtain at this price point

What Customers Said

If you are looking for a convertible laptops under 400 dollars, then I highly recommend this machine to you, easy for you to enjoy yourself from here to there.

For under 400 dollars, this machine own solid building, nice design and good features, it is really a reasonably priced laptops

HP 15-ay013nr 15.6″ Full-HD Laptop for under 400

best laptops under 400 dollarsPacking some remarkably low budget hardware in a simple looking body, this HP 15-ay013nr Laptop PC comes withIntel Core i5 6200U, 2.3GHz, 8GB DDR3L-SDRAM Memory and 128GB Solid-State Drive , and Intel HD Graphics 520 with up to 4169 MB total graphics memory.The Intel Core i5 6200U processors are able to deal with day to day tasks adequately, although it slightly reduce CPU scores when stacked against the latest Intel Core i5 processer,500 GB hard drive is larger compared to what a number of other alternative notebooks are providing, and the Intel HD Graphics 520 is integrated but provide overall performance similar to a great deal of basic level dedicated GPUs. Currently, it is priced with under $400 on Amazon, For overall performance, the HP 15-ay013nr 15.6″ Laptop PC delivers a few real punch for its selling price.

What Customers Said this laptop under 400

This laptops under 400 dollars can be used for small games, And for daily use, it is enough.When it comes to 6th generation Intel Core i5-6200U Processor, 128 GB M.2 solid-state drive. and Intel HD Graphics 520, All of it will beat its price.

Any Other Gaming Laptops Under 400 Dollars Recommended?

 Dell Inspiron 11.6-Inch Convertible Touchscreen Laptop under 400

Best Laptops Under 400 Customers are pleased to have no issues with this laptop and find it works just like a dream! They have owned a few Dell laptops before and was very impressed.

Features At Glance:

  • CPU:Intel Pentium Processor N3520 2.16GHz
  • Hard Drive:500 GB 7200 rpm Hard Drive
  • GPU:Intel HD Graphics
  • Screen:11.6-Inch Screen,


Lenovo G50 80E30181US 15.6-Inch Laptop UNDER 400

best cheap Laptops Under 400 Windows 8.1 win most of the praise and it works really great. It not only a good choice for yourself but a wonderful present for your dear friends!

Features At Glance:

  • CPU:Intel Core i3-4030U 1.9 GHz Processor
  • GPU:HD graphics
  • Hard Drive:500 GB 5400 rpm Hard Drive



My Advice:

I’m sure you are able to get the most satisfied laptop under 400 dollars, and enjoy yourself!